Mergers and Acquisitions

We help Companies with M&A process by:

• by purchasing assets

• by purchasing common shares

• by exchange of shares for assets

• by exchanging shares for shares

Reasons for Mergers and Acquisitions:

• Financial synergy for lower cost of capital

• Improving company’s performance and accelerate growth

• Economies of scale

• Diversification for higher growth products or markets

• To increase market share and positioning giving broader market access

• Strategic realignment and technological change

• Tax considerations

• Under valued target

• Diversification of risk

Principle behind any M&A is 2+2=5

There is always synergy value created by the joining or merger of two companies. The synergy value can be seen either through the Revenues (higher revenues), Expenses (lowering of expenses) or the cost of capital (lowering of overall cost of capital).

M&A process deal structuring diagram