Executive Coaching


We understand that entrepreneurs are a self-reliant bunch. Our role is to provide the resources, knowledge and expertise needed for you to build the company you want to own. We offer one-on-one training or group training, and are in the process of developing online training to help you reach your full potential. We create, package and customize training sessions for Executives, Top, Mid, and First-level Management. Often it’s more efficient and cost effective to hire a business coach who will quickly get you back on track. We deliver an excellent return on investment. It’s our core belief that your profits should go up not in spite of the additional expense of hiring a business coach, but because of it.

Our business coaching services and programs don’t ignore conventional wisdom. If it works—it works. On the other side of the coin, if it doesn’t work most of the time then it makes sense to try a new perspective or approach. This strategy led us to some innovative new programs that consistently deliver great results for business-people. The most frequent comment we hear from new clients is: “This makes sense.”

Our services start to deliver results almost immediately. They’re more than just theory, they’re practical solutions that have been proven to work well in real-world companies. They are the direct result of solid experience. The best part is that they aren’t a collection of short-term fixes. They deliver genuine solutions that work over the long-term and they set the stage for ongoing profitable growth.

The key to our success is understanding what our clients want and combining that with our years of experience. Many of our clients are taking their companies to a level they haven’t been to before. The problems, issues and challenges they face are new to them, but the solutions are consistent with others who have been through similar stages of growth.

Online training will be available to help you define the changes you want to make. If you are looking for one-on-one training or group training for your business on a particular topic, email us at contact@consultcanam.com to discuss your individual requirements.